Herbie Rides Again!

The lovable VW Bug, Herbie, rides again in Herbie: Fully Loaded. The film stars Disney starlett Lindsay Lohan and just picked up Michael Keaton according to Comingsoon.net. Keaton, who once drove the batmobile, will be racing Herbie in today’s NASCAR scene. Sounds just funky enough… Read More »Herbie Rides Again!


Michael works at Disneyland. He loses his nametag and goes to get another one. Simple right? Guess again. I had a couple of requests: 1) That the nametag be put on a magnet. Doing this is great, so you do not have to punch a… Read More »Nametags

Backyard Fun!

Walt Disney had one that you could ride. Thousands of families have one in the back yard. And it’s a hobby that is growing every day. Google Directory shows 188 clubs in the United States. Many of these backyard fantasy railroads have some elements of… Read More »Backyard Fun!

Open Letter to Disney Cast Members…

The well intentioned folks at SaveDisney.com have posted an open letter to Disney Cast Members. It hasn’t been a “Spoonful of Sugar” for our Cast Members at the Walt Disney Company. Animators and Imagineers have been laid off. Cast Members at the Disney Stores have… Read More »Open Letter to Disney Cast Members…

The Good, The Bad, and the

Another visitor reports on their trip to Walt Disney World. This time in a top ten list format. #1 is Orgasmic Key Lime Cheesecake. You would think Disney Marketing would be shouting out to the world about this.

Silent Protest

How do I love thee Disneyland, let me count the ways. I love that you were a part of my youth that can never be taken away. I love that you still provide someplace to retreat to when I need a break from the outside… Read More »Silent Protest

Godless Disney?

You know. I was just thinking about this the other day. After reading the Walt Disney conspiracy theories contained in Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code (you have read it haven’t you?), it occurred to me that hardly any religious references make it into Disney films.… Read More »Godless Disney?