ABC Bumps LOST to 10PM on Wednesday

If there is one thing that’s clear about the bad numbers from last season, it’s that LOST can’t compete against the juggernaut that is American Idol, right? Well at least that’s what ABC Management thinks. So they’re moving LOST back 1 hour and programming two hours of sit-coms infront of it. Hello? Sit-Coms and LOST, not the ideal pairing? How about writing some great episodes (cliffhangers with excellent reveals) to counter program AI and then repeating the show a few days later for those who were watching AI and don’t yet have DVR capability. (Read)

2 thoughts on “ABC Bumps LOST to 10PM on Wednesday”

  1. I think that if ABC were to do that plan, people would probably either DVR it or watch the second showing. It’s probably not a good idea to schedule a second showing, and even if people DVR it, it won’t affect the Nielsen ratings, for example.

    It might be my own personal opinion, but I really think that LOST has lost (sorry for the pun) a lot of steam this season. The formula just doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to, particularly because the formula of the overarching plot is not as convincing when it’s been spread as thinly as it has.

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