Disney Dance Dance Revolution Returns

Normally, I’d just post about this over on MouseGoods.com, but I’m so excited about the return of Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix, that I had to post about it here too. This great video game has been out of print for years, which drove the black market on eBay. But I never could bring myself to spend $150+ (much more for the bonus Japanese edition) and not know if I’m getting a legit copy or some bootleg.

This new version is from the Konami "Plug’N’Play" line. So it’s platform independent, but probably has some limitations. For instance it comes with a dance pad, but sounds like it’s single-player only. It’s a great exercise motivator, but it’s more fun to work out when two of you are playing at the same time.

The game was just released today and it’s already in the top 500 for Video Games on Amazon, I expect it to rise even faster. Could be the sleeper toy this Holiday season. For the great low prize of $29.99, I expect them to sell fast as Disney fans snap up a game they’ve been waiting for a very long time. I’ve already ordered mine.