Mary Poppins re-cut into Horror film

In what seems to be a growing genre, we have a new trailer for Mary Poppins re-cut by a fan into a horror film called "Scary Mary".

Quick, someone get Bob Iger on the phone.


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  1. Mary Poppins horror movie remix vid – SCARY!

    Here’s a trailer of Mary Poppins re-cut as a horror film calleed “Scary Mary.” Oh. My. God. This is so freaking AMAZING I am about to explode. Who knew that Julie Andrews could be so goddamned scary? I mean, REALLY REALLY SCARY. Like I actually got a …

  2. This is far lamer than any of the descriptions suggest. The music is inappropriately lame. Go ahead and be shocked if you’ve never seen a movie preview mashup on youtube before. Try recutting with new music.

  3. That was great! But, contrary to the above poster, I’ve always thought of Mary Poppins as having a sinister edge. My only disappointment is that this MU didn’t include the mean dog at the end. Remember when Jane and Michael run away from the bank and meet a creepy person and a barking dog just before running into Bert again? A flash of the dog scene would have fit perfectly right after “hide your children”.

  4. Scary Mary

    There are no end of rubbish clips on YouTube but every now and again you get a small piece of genius turning up. So, feast your eyes on Scary Mary: Found at The Disney Blog via the BoingBoing RSS feed…

  5. P.L. Travers wrote the original Mary Poppins books with a very sinister and dark edge. It was Walt Disney that decided to lighten her up. He changed Mary Poppins so much that P.L. Travers was said to have cried as the world premier on how much her creation had changed.

    The new London stage show incorporated a bit of that darkness back in. Enough that they recommended not bringing children under 7 to the show. The NYC Broadway version has lightened the show up just a touch again. Us American’s are wimps, I guess.


  6. How fabulously fabulous! I love it!

    And I never knew all that about the author and even that it is actually a series of books – I have to go get them!

    So there are more videos like this? How does one find them? What do you search for on youtube?

  7. Mary Poppins Turned Into She-Devil: It’s All In The Editing

    If you ever wondered how important video and film editing is, this trailer will show you exactly how a bin full of innocuous footage can be skillfully turned into a frightening and powerful sequence. Just add talent. Charlie…

  8. There is something really creepy and inexplicably upsetting Mary Poppins, and in particular about the songs ‘Feed The Birds’ and ‘Lets Fly A Kite’. I forgot about those songs, after watching MP as a child in the 60’s, until a year ago when I watched MP for the first time as an adult. Those two songs brought back very creepy and depressing feelings that I had suppressed since I was a kid. I think MP is a pretty strange and weird movie for kids, with dark and ominous themes, wrapped up in a bubbly facade designed to distract adults from the true perverseness of the film.

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    Scary Mary – Recut Mary Poppins trailer recut to make it a horror film trailer rather than a children’s film…excellent (tags: Movies editing horror humor children video YouTube) Gibson’s new HD.6X-Pro digital guitar hits the market (tags: guitar dig…

  10. Scary Mary (Poppins)

    Heres a good scary remixed trailer of Mary Poppins. Actually makes her out to be pretty darned creepy. I used to love the little snippet pieces theyd do on the radio as a kid. You remember, the interviews that would take a lyric ou…

  11. Scary Mary: Hide Your Children

    What would happen if Mary Poppins went all Dark Phoenix on your asses? Now you know.
    Direct link for the feedreaders.
    Found via The Disney Blog.

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    Yannone: This is the America we have become (tags: Corruption Government ridiculous News) The Disney Blog: Mary Poppins re-cut into Horror film (tags: Film editing Cool Humor Movies Trailer)

  13. Gordon, you don’t think that the mashup is original? Do you realize just how much effort and creativity that a mashup takes to make?

    Mashups are incredible and take a bunch of creativity. I wish I had as much creativity that these mashup people have in the tip of their little pinky finger!

  14. Has anyone seen the re-cut of the Shining, it features a rap which basically encapsulates the whole film in one verse! You can see it on the above link. There is even sub-titles so you can sing along…

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