Dancing with the Stars: Guilty Pleasures

It’s Guilty Pleasures Week on DWTS, which means all of tonight’s dances will be interpretations of America’s Next Top Model, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of [Insert City], or any reality show starring Bret Michaels. Not that I would know anything about those shows. Of course not.

Actually, it means our stars will be dancing to classic guilty pleasure songs, which is way less exciting than it sounds. And I was about to be all, pssssh please with this episode … and then Hanson performed. HANSON. As in, my first concert. As in, the boy band whose pictures ripped from the pages of BOP magazine adorned my bedroom. Hanson. On Dancing with the Stars. Ohemgee. (Also, “MMMBop” sounds totally strange when it’s being sung by farmer-men instead of prepubescent boys, yes?)

Kirstie and Maks
Dance: Samba
Guilty Pleasure: Baby One More Time
Verdict: Kirstie had a small tantrum in rehearsals and I think the competition is starting to take its toll. This was a decent performance, and she thankfully didn’t have any mishaps, but it felt like her heart wasn’t in it. The samba is a party dance, but I wasn’t feeling it.
Carrie Ann: “I want to see you in the finals.” – 8
Len: “You’ve never fulfilled the potential I saw in week one, until today.” – 9
Bruno: “Hit me Kirstie one more time!” – 9