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Dancing with the Stars: Goodbye, My Friend

Last night our stars were tasked with impressing ballroom legend Donnie Burns, and they (mostly) delivered. Romeo and Kirstie found themselves on the outs with the judges, which is usually not a good sign. But our ballroom is a fickle friend, and everyone should be nervous tonight.

Team Chelsea Cha Cha was given the encore tonight (why do the judges always give the encore to a team dance?), and then Hines/Kym were sent to safety, while Kirstie/Maks were left in jeopardy.

Tonight’s musical guest was Nicki Minaj, who I recognize from my casual Perez Hilton reading, but whose existence I do not entirely understand. She is like Gaga-lite, yes? Or Gaga-rap? What is a Nicki Minaj? Help me out in the comments, please.

To detox from the Minaj-ness, DWTS then offered up the story of a ballet prodigy who now performs with the Royal Ballet. Patricia Jones is 17 years old, more amazing than you can imagine, and is believed to be “the future of dance.” I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m so happy that DWTS is bringing ballet back into the public eye. This, I understand. Nicki Minaj, I do not.

More results: Ralph/Karina were safe, and Chelsea/Mark were in jeopardy. And then, the Macy’s Stars of Dance, starring world champion dancer Wayne Brady. You know, from Whose Line is It Anyway? That guy. He is also a famous dancer/acclaimed Rick James impersonator, didn’t you hear? It was fun and entertaining, albeit totally strange.

Tonight’s montage was less of a montage than a group therapy session, in which our professionals counseled their partners on how to be better dancers, and vice versa. I doubt what transpired here was any different than what happens in the rehearsal studio on any given week, but this segment gave off a weird corporate America employee review vibe. Anyone else having painful office flashbacks?

Whoa, James Blunt is here with his new single! And it’s up tempo! Is this the same guy who is always telling me how beautiful I am and how he sees my face in a crowded space and doesn’t know what to do? I do not recognize this version of JB. But I don’t hate it either.

And in the final round of results, Romeo/Chelsie were sent to safety, while Kendra/Louis were in jeopardy … and then sent packing. It was a tough elimination, because she didn’t do anything wrong per se, but last night’s tango was just not the type of routine that people make the effort to vote for. But she should be proud of herself.

Next week, the Insta-dances are back – which stars do you think can rise to the occasion?

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6 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars: Goodbye, My Friend”

  1. The wrong dancer went home again. I really believe that the Network is behind keeping Kirstie dancing. Just like they kept the old lady Cloris Lechman around and a few others. Because they felt they brought class to the program!!! What she has done is barely dance the routine and being crude with gestures. She keeps looking down at the floor, her lines are horrendous, foot work sucks, and she miss leads from Marks, who is a very strong lead. So the network feels they must keep her around a little longer, and has Len, of all people give her great comments and stupid scores. Lets face it, I have been a dancing judge for over twenty years, as far am concerned she needed to go a few weeks back. That’s my story and am sticking to it!!!

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