Dancing with the Stars: A Classical Cut

Last night’s Classical Week show proved to be a beauty – and since none of our couples turned in a “bad” performance, tonight’s elimination is going to be a tough one.

The 46 piece orchestra was back, but this time they were performing Aerosmith songs for the increasingly pointless DWTS Troupe to dance to.

The first round of results offered a big surprise – Mark and Chelsea were in jeopardy! Whaaa? Given that they had the highest score of the night (and were given the encore performance), this has to be a silly bit of producer play, trying to make me all nervous. In other news, Hines/Kym and Ralph/Karina were safe.

Next week’s theme is a tribute to all nations but mostly America (name that attraction), so the obvious way to introduce this was with a segment featuring Len as General Patton. If Patton was British. Sir, yes sir!

Jennifer Hudson was the musical guest, performing her new single “Don’t Look Down” and later, “Feeling Good.” Remember when J. Hud screeched out “Circle of Life” on American Idol then was sent home for obvious reasons and the world collectively collapsed and wailed and sobbed in confusion? It’s nice to know Pia Toscano will be okay.

More results: Chris/Cheryl and Romeo/Chelsie were safe, leaving Petra/Dmitry in jeopardy. And then this week’s montage: Coming Up with Choreography is Hard.

Then, an unexpected bit of culture hit the ballroom – a Swan Lake ballet performance. I guess if you have a 46 piece orchestra, you better use it, right? This piece was absolutely stunning – I’d love to see Dancing with the Stars showcase more ballet in the future.

The final round of results sent Kirstie/Maks and Kendra/Louis to safety, putting Sugar Ray/Anna in jeopardy. And then, brutally, Sugar Ray was knocked out. A fighter to the end, he was. I’ll miss him.

Next week is American Week, which sounds like a hot mess waiting to happen. I can’t wait!

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