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Dancing with the Stars: American Bye

If you’re reading this, it means you survived last night’s All-American Horror Show. I kid, I kid. There was some great dancing to be found last night, but unfortunately it was buried in stars, stripes, and spangles. So who got deported?

Hines/Kym were sent quickly to safety, and Kirstie/Maks were left to sweat it out. Romeo and Chelsie were given the encore, bringing their incredibly overrated Broadway campfest back for one more round. (Also, does “New York, New York” count as an American anthem? Methinks no.)

Tonight’s musical guest was country superstar and Dixie Chicks agitator Toby Keith, accompanied by a performance with Maks and Lacey (who fell – so it’s nice to know these things don’t just happen to Kirstie) and the DWTS Troupe.

More results: Chelsea/Mark and Romeo/Chelsie were safe, leaving Chris/Cheryl in jeopardy. Next up was “Dancing with the Stars: Exposed,” which provided some truly hilarious behind the scenes moments. Like that time Chelsie danced her bra off (literally). Or Maks talking about how he looks in the mirror and sees physical perfection (gag).

The Macy’s Stars of Dance number was one of those dance mashups consisting of so many styles that you think you’re watching the opening credits of So You Think You Can Dance. It was cool, but I prefer the ballerinas from last week.

And in the final round of results, Ralph/Karina and Kendra/Louis (whaaaa?) were safe, putting Petra/Dmitry in trouble.  And then – of course – the foreigner was sent home. Goodbye, Petra. I think she went home maybe a week or so too soon, but she brought a touch of class and elegance to this competition that will be missed.

Next week is “Guilty Pleasures Week” – no idea what that means, but it promises to be ridiculous. See you then!

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