Should Apple buy Disney?

Marketwatch commentator Conor Sen makes an interesting proposal, Steve Jobs should take Apple’s massive cash holdings and purchase The Walt Disney Company.

What should it buy? Increasingly, Apple is moving away from computing and toward the intersection of computing, communications, and media delivery. That’s Steve Job’s vision of a post-PC world, and his company is already world-class at computing, communications, and media delivery. The missing piece of the puzzle, of course, is content.

Yes, Disney is a content company. But the ironic thing is that Disney, under Bob Iger’s lead (and probably Steve Job’s tutelage) has been moving to become more of a product company tool (as in the content drives merchandise and other sales). Sen also makes the bold claim that Steve Jobs is the Walt Disney of today.

What are your thoughts? Would you still love Disney if it had a ‘made by Apple’ sticker on it?

(via MarketWatch)