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Kevin Yee

SeaWorld Orlando Holiday

Forget Polar Express, holiday orca, sea lion, or Sesame Street shows (though all the above are stellar as usual). It’s not even the enhanced archways of lights and the soap bubble snowfall. The story this year is the Sea of Trees, 75 artificial trees that… Read More »SeaWorld Orlando Holiday

Osborne Lights – Now with Window Videos

The always-amazing Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights has returned. Like most years, the show is tweaked and plussed for 2010 – this is one experience they seldom leave alone. Two prominent new things are the window videos and the “interruptions” by Phineas and Ferb.… Read More »Osborne Lights – Now with Window Videos

National Treasures at American Adventure

The mini-museum attached to the lobby at American Adventure has undergone a medium refurbishment. About 70% is new, with items from Mark Twain and Thomas Edison prominently displayed. My favorite part is that they now use this space to explain the larger animatronic show. For… Read More »National Treasures at American Adventure

No more “Noodle Station”

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The Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station changed its menu and its name over the weekend; now it’s just called Tomorrowland Terrace, and its menu is varied rather than Asian-heavy. The souvenir guide claims there’s a separate dinner menu with orange chicken, but when we checked at… Read More »No more “Noodle Station”

Disney-branded chips

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Spotted new packaging a couple of weeks ago at Epcot (then subsequently saw it also in other parks as well). Seems Disney now has character branded chips in the parks! Characters have long been slapped on pre-packaged goods. Pretzels and various candies leap to mind.… Read More »Disney-branded chips

Disney’s Q4 profit down 7%

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The Orlando Sentinel reports that corporate profits dropped 7% for Disney (an unexpected result) in the fourth quarter, the end of their fiscal year. More specifically for Q4: Company Revenue – $9.7 billion Company Profits – $835 million Parks and Resorts only: sales – $10.8… Read More »Disney’s Q4 profit down 7%

One Man’s Dream Re-opened

There was something new to see this weekend at the parks: One Man’s Dream (a history museum at DHS) reopened after a few months of refurbishment. There were only light changes to decor and contents. The major exhibits and models were left untouched, with only… Read More »One Man’s Dream Re-opened