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No more “Noodle Station”

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The Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station changed its menu and its name over the weekend; now it’s just called Tomorrowland Terrace, and its menu is varied rather than Asian-heavy.

The souvenir guide claims there’s a separate dinner menu with orange chicken, but when we checked at nighttime, it was still the lunch menu. Maybe some point in the future?

The restaurant was busy for both lunch and dinner on Sunday. The new menu is exactly what it needed. As “Noodle Station,” it made such poor sales that it was never open, and meanwhile other eateries in the park were overly slammed. Now, it’s busy again, and there are some popular items (chicken nuggets, cheeseburger) but also some specialty items (lobster roll, shrimp primavera). In my opinion, everyone wins.

9 thoughts on “No more “Noodle Station””

  1. Boo! I never got to try the noodle station and always heard such good things. oh well, I guess it makes sense financially.

  2. Bah, and there goes one of our family’s long-running jokes. In Tomorrowland, everything is “of Tomorrow!” (spoken in that awed futuristic voice inflection so common to 1950s and 1960s futuristic cartoons). The Noodle Station provided us our our “Noodles….of Tomorrow!” on more than one occasion.

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  4. I noticed this over the weekend. It finally opened. I was all set to finally go try some type of Asian noodle dish and was shocked to find cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets. Being sad, I walked away shuffling my feet and hanging my head in disappointment. I am not a fan of seafood, so the lobster-ish stuff did not appeal to me. And knowing that I can get a cheeseburger ANYWHERE in MK, I felt like this little nook that I was anxious to try suddenly lost its mystery and appeal.

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