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American Idol Experience Winner List


With the opening of Disney’s The American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios I predict we’ll witness a phenomenon unlike anything ever seen in the talent search based world that is American Idol. Every day one Disney theme park Guest will be awarded a ‘Dream Ticket’ and a chance to skip the head of the line at a future audition for the television show “American Idol.” There that dream ticket winner will likely meet others who also qualified for the ultimate American Idol fast pass at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and together they’ll get a chance to show American Idol producers what sort of talent Disney’s Guests are bringing to the table.

The following is a list of ‘Dream Ticket’ winners from Disney’s The American Idol experience and a small profile of each which they can customize if they so desire. This will give them a chance to extende their fan base before they even get to the big audition, but also a chance to network with eachother a bit before they even reach that stage.

If you’re a ‘Dream Ticket’ winner/holder, please email me to add your name to this list. All the names with a (v) after them are verified winners. Verification is accomplished via eyewitness reports, photos, or other proof that the person holds an actual Disney Dream Ticket from The American Idol Experience.

Date – Performer Name – Profile

2/12/09 – Mark Ellis (v) – Profile – Note: Mark was awarded his ‘Dream Ticket’ during the gala premier of the attraction. It was the first actual Dream ticket awarded.

2/14/09 – Vanessa Quillao (v) – Profile – Note: Vanessa was the first to win a ‘Dream Ticket’ after a full day or normal operations of the attraction with a voting audience of paying park guests.

2/15/09 – Gabi Nicole Carrubba – Profile – Song Choice: Colors Of The Wind

2/16/09 – Tory Bethune (v) – Song Choice: Alone

2/17/09 – unknown

2/18/09 – Aaron Kelly – Song Choice: “Amazed” by Lonestar

2/19/09 – unknown

2/20/09 – unknown

2/21/09 – unknown –

2/22/09 – Brett Thomassie – Profile – Song Choice: “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder

2/23/09 – TBD

Please help fill in the blanks if you can.

6 thoughts on “American Idol Experience Winner List”

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  3. does anyone know who won the final on the 5th july 2009? i got to the “semi-final’s” that day, but wasn’t able to stay and watch the final. really want to know who won!

  4. i wish there was a copy of the winners on video. I won in 2011 and was told we couldnt video tape so i obeyed and got home and looked on youtube and so many had. I just felt sad to miss out on that being on tape. I sang Listen by beyonce durring spring break in march. oh well… I WILL NEVER FORGET IT :)

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