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Mark Ellis – American Idol Experience Winner

Date of Performance: 2/12/09

Song Choice: “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder

Original Article on The Disney Blog

Bio: Mark Ellis from Pensacola, FL, won the first American Idol Experience Dream Ticket ever awarded at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. His winning performance was that much more special as it happened before all the previous American Idol winners, many former contestants, and the management from American Idol. He’s an experienced performer having been lead singer in his the band “Good Foote” since 2000.

Since Ellis is unfortunately not eligible to use the ‘Dream Ticket’ himself, it was rumored he would give the ‘Dream Ticket’ to the runner up for the evening.

Links: Good Foote’s MySpace page.


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1 thought on “Mark Ellis – American Idol Experience Winner”

  1. I thought he was incredible! Should have been on the REAL AI. He is as good or better than most of the contestants I have seen!

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