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Even More American Idol Experience…


There’s still more news coming from Disney’s American Idol Experience this week. A commercial for the attraction ran during tonight’s airing of American Idol. The tagline was “You can be part of the next Cinderella Story”, which is the same message they’re using on billboards around town.

I like the theme of the commercial, although I found some of the technical parts of it less than inspiring. I’m expecting dozens of people lining up each morning for expressly to have a chance at their Cinderella story in the attraction.

A Winners List

Tonight marked the fourth night of public performances of the show and the fifth Dream Ticket awarded. I have the names of three of those Dream Ticket holders and have started a list in an attempt to collect all of them going forward. If the winner so chooses, they can then provide me links to their YouTube, MySpace, or other internet pages for a chance at growing a following before they even get to the real auditions for the television show.

I’m counting on you readers to help me build this list as I can’t be there every night (although it may seem that way sometimes). The winners name and their song would be excellent.

The F. A. Q.’s

Finally, click below the link for a great list of Facts and Trivia from The American Idol Experience

In addition to being the first-of-its-kind attraction in the world to be based on the TV show “American Idol,” “The American Idol Experience” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park offers a variety of fast facts.

Among them:

BORN TO BE WIRED: The high-tech theater is wired with more than 76 miles of cable and 25 miles of conduit.

LIGHT ON: Lighting gives TV’s “American Idol” logo and signage its iconic look. Without sacrificing dazzle, Disney’s lighting team gave “The American Idol Experience” set a low-voltage treatment, installing energy-efficient LED (light emitting diodes) fixtures.

SPACE JAM: The attraction has 25,000 square feet of indoor space, which includes the giant replica stage/set and 1,000 seats for audience members. “The American Idol Experience” stage alone measures more than 3,000 square feet.

YOU BETTER SHOP AROUND: The opening of “The American Idol Experience” also brings a star-studded premiere of attraction-exclusive merchandise. Mickey Mouse takes center stage on a T-shirt where he is simply proclaimed the “American Idol” while Minnie Mouse offers an enthusiastic encouragement of “Good For You!” on another. Donald Duck is his typical grumpy self as he proclaims a performance as dreadful. Goofy, forever the hip pup, gives a shout-out with “What’s up dog?” Other popular items include a light-up dog tag emblazoned with the new attraction’s logo, screen-printed drumsticks, T-shirts that proclaim “Vote for Me!”, luggage tags, electronic games, ball caps, collectible pins and more. One signature item is a small statuette that features Mickey Mouse’s hand holding a microphone, which can be personalized with a message for a special occasion during Disney Parks’ “What Will You Celebrate?”

HERE COMES THE JUDGE: The judges in “The American Idol Experience” are all industry professionals who bring an expertise of music, showmanship and what it takes to have that “star quality.” Coast-to-coast auditions were held to find individuals who possess a deep knowledge of show business and can share that knowledge with attraction guests. Past showbiz experience among the team of judges includes: professional choreographers and dancers; actors and actresses from stage, screen and television projects; professional musicians; professional improvisation actors and actresses; television show hosts; and, even a former Rockette.

PICTURE PERFECT: The live show features a wide array of cameras including: one Steadicam operator shooting the action onstage and in the audience; a robotic camera mounted on the theater wall for audience shots; a camera at the back of the house for wide shots and one roaming, handheld camera.

GO WITH THE FLOW: Complementing the shots and angles captured live by the camera crews, a complete crew of video editors and producers works inside the HD production studio to make each show flow.

DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?: There are 113 video screens and 105 audio speakers installed throughout the theater’s show and audition spaces.

THE WALL: “The American Idol Experience” features the largest curved video wall at Walt Disney World Resort, measuring 35 feet wide and more than seven feet tall.

SEEING STARS: Fans will recognize many famous faces throughout “The American Idol Experience.” “American Idol”-related stars making exclusive video appearances in the attraction include Ryan Seacrest, David Cook, David Archuleta, Jordin Sparks, Justin Guarini, Brooke White, Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro.

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  2. No one’s mentioned it yet, but keep an eye out for a Hidden Mickey in the brushed aluminum frame of the giant video wall!

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