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Vanessa Quillao – American Idol Experience Winner

Date of Performance: 2/14/09

Song Choice: “No One” by Alicia Keys

Original Article on The Disney Blog

Bio: Vanessa Quillao won the first ever American Idol Experience Dream Ticket awarded by a vote of a public audience. She’s an experienced performer having been named “Teen Idol” by her local community and placed in many contests. She also has a record out by R & S Records.

“I do not have a contract and that is why I wanted to try the American Idol Experience,” said Quillao. “I’m planning on trying out for American Idol next season, hopefully.”

Links: YouTube



Vanessa on stage after the announcement of her win!


Vanessa Quillao poses with her ‘Dream Ticket’ at the exit to Disney’s American Idol Experience.

1 thought on “Vanessa Quillao – American Idol Experience Winner”

  1. Vanessa should go back to singing! She is so talented. Our Tampa bay Filipino community has followed her since she was a little girl. Go for it, Vanessa!

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