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ABC Cancels ‘The Rookie: Feds’ After One Season and Passes on ‘The Good Lawyer’

The Rookie: Feds ant The Good Lawyer

Now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over, ABC has made the decisions to cancel “The Rookie: Feds” after one season, and pass on the “The Good Lawyer,” a spin-off of “The Good Doctor.”

The Rookie: Feds

A decision on whether the network would renew “The Rookie: Feds,” led by Niecy Nash-Betts, was delayed for months amid the ongoing dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, both of which have recently concluded.

The show was a spin-off of the network’s “The Rookie” starring Nathan Fillion, and while it wasn’t a huge out-of-the-box hit, it drew respectable ratings, especially when it was moved into the Tuesday night line-up between “The Rookie” and another freshman drama, “Will Trent.”

I find this decision disappointing, as by the end of the season, the show was finding its rhythm and had some fun stories. It also allowed for crossovers with its parent series, whether full storylines, or just a character or two.

The Rookie: Feds + The Rookie

It’s also rude that the ABC put a contractual hold on the show’s primary cast for a potential season 2, made the cast wait six months for a decision, and then cancelled the show once the actors could return to work.

In “The Rookie: Feds,” Nash-Betts starred as Simone, a former guidance counselor living her dream of becoming an FBI agent, making her the oldest rookie in the agency.

Her unusual approaches to solving crimes both impressed and annoyed her boss, Special Agent Matthew Garza (Felix Solis), but she got the job done.

The series also starred Frankie R. Faison as Simone’s dad, James Lesure as Carter Hope, Britt Robertson as Laura Stensen, and Kevin Zegers as Brendon Acres.

Parent show “The Rookie” was renewed for a sixth season in April 2023, and “Will Trent” received a season two order.

The Rookie: Feds

The Good Lawyer

ABC has also opted not to proceed with “The Good Lawyer,” its planned legal spinoff from “The Good Doctor” that was going to star Kennedy McMann and Felicity Huffman.

The show was introduced as a backdoor pilot during an episode of “The Good Doctor,” when Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) seeks legal representation to help him win a case and puts his faith in a promising, young lawyer, Joni DeGroot (McMann) who has obsessive compulsive disorder. Huffman played a partner at her law firm.

“The Good Doctor” was renewed for a seventh season back in April 2023.

The Good Lawyer

Other Cancellations

These two shows join others ABC cancelled from its line-up this year, including “The Wonder Years” reboot, “Home Economics,” “Alaska Daily, “The Company You Keep,” and “Big Sky.”

Were you a fan of any of these shows that have been cancelled by ABC this season? Let us know in the comments!

ABC Cancels Alaska Daily, The Company You Keep, Big Sky

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