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Fan created LEGO Winnie The Pooh house model to be sold in stores

Update 03/05/2021This kit is now shipping to stores. Video and photos here.

Remember last spring when we asked you to support the fan made LEGO Winnie The Pooh house model so it could be sold in stores as an official LEGO kit? Well give yourselves a collective pat on the back as the fan build not only made it past the 10,000 fans threshold, but has been approved to be sold in stores by LEGO.

We talked to LEGO fan Ben Alder this morning who was excited to share the news with us.

“A huge thank you for your support last year,” said Adler. “LEGO have just announced that following [the model] getting 10,000 supporters, it has just passed the review and has been selected to become an official LEGO set in the shops! I’m rather excited about it an still can’t believe it.”

The LEGO Ideas programs allows LEGO fans to submit their own builds for consideration by LEGO to become an official kit, but they have to get 10,000 votes before they are considered by LEGO. This time there were 11 kits that made it to the review stage, but only two were approved.

Jump to 11:25 to see the big moment when the news was revealed by LEGO Ideas and they talk a bit more about the model with its design team.

There were actually a few Disney themed model kits presented during this live stream. Did you see that LEGO Haunted Mansion kit and the Seven Dwarfs Cottage? Those are awesome too. I wish they had passed the review stage.

No word yet on when the Winnie The Pooh house will be available to be purchased in stores and online. But we will update this post when we find out.

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