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Villaintine’s Day Cards Download from Disney Parks

If you’ve been on social media for any length of time you’ve no doubt encountered a suite of national holidays you’ve never heard of before. For instance did you know that yesterday was National Lost Penny Day? If Disney Parks has its way, February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, will forever be known as Villaintine’s Day.

It’s a day to celebrate Disney Villains because, as Disney says, without them there would be no heroes. Disney has created some awfully fun Villaintine’s Day cards to honor his new holiday and encourage you to exchange them with someone you care about in that special way.

We were given a preview of these cards on our media preview of the Villains After Hours event and shared them on Instagram:

The cards feature Disney Villains like Maleficient who offers this Villaintine’s Day wish “Found Love? What a Shame.” I think we’ve all been able to identify with that at some point in our life. We also really like the Hades card that reads, “I hate you the least.” How nice.

Do you have a favorite Villiantine’s Day card from these six?

You can download them today from the Disney Parks Blog and share them with your friends and enemies.