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Magic Happens at Disneyland as new daytime parade steps off Feb 28

“Magic Happens” is a new daytime parade that will highlight some of Disney’s most iconic and awe-inspiring moments of magic found at the heart of is animated classics. The parade features all-new floats, new music, and costumes for the parade performers.

This new parade, led by Mickey Mouse and his pals, celebrates moments of magic from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios films. There are nine newly designed floats from movies like “The Sword in the Stone,” “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Frozen 2,” “Moana,” and “The Princess and the Frog.” We’re also looking forward to the float from Pixar’s “Coco.”

“When you come to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, there are so many ways to immerse yourself in our stories, but a parade is a unique experience because it’s the only way for you, as the audience, to stay in one place and have so many stories, characters and magical moments pass right in front of you,” said David Duffy, creative director for Disney Live Entertainment. “We’ve designed the ‘Magic Happens’ floats so that characters, scenes and surprises are revealed a little at a time, making each float a journey of discovery.”

The new floats were created as pieces of moving art, with their lines and aesthetic design working to tell a story along the parade route, while also evoking a sense of magic.

Here’s a first look at “Magic Happens” from the design time. Keep a close eye out for the first look at how the float will feature animation and new costumes

Disney also shared this video with a sneak peek behind the scenes at Disneyland where some of the final details are being put on the floats, costumes, and choreography for Magic Happens:

“This parade celebrates the way magic affects both the characters in the stories and the guests who are watching,” says Jordan Peterson, show director for Disney Live Entertainment. “‘Magic Happens’ is like a love letter to those special transformative moments.”

In addition to the new floats, the parade route along Main Street, U.S.A., will be filled with dynamic performers and more than two dozen Disney and Pixar characters. The parade’s costume design draws inspiration directly from modern runways, making each costume look fashion-forward, yet uniquely Disney. Many performers and characters in “Magic Happens” will don all-new costumes, specifically made for this parade.

While the music and stories seen in “Magic Happens” are rooted in iconic Disney lore, the soundtrack and choreography are heavily influenced by today’s pop culture designers, putting a contemporary spin on the classic Disney hits. “Magic Happens” features an energetic musical score and new songs, co-composed by singer-songwriter, Todrick Hall.

“This is a full circle moment for me,” said Hall, who began his career at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida as a performer in “Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage.” “I learned how to dance from watching Disney parades, so the fact that I am getting to create the music that these iconic Disney characters are going to be performing to is pretty much the most epic thing that has happened to me in my life!”

We like that this parade is really focusing on iconic moments from Disney’s animated classics, including a few films that don’t see a lot of love from the company lately. The costumes and music continues Disney entertainments trend to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and popular music.

“Magic Happens,” the all-new daytime parade coming to Disneyland, debuts on Feb. 28.

Photo courtesy Disneyland: Joshua Sudock photographer.

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