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Disneyland’s new parade “Magic Happens” draws inspiration from high fashion for its costumes

Magic will happen at Disneyland when the new “Magic Happens” parade debuts on February 28th. The all-new daytime parade focuses on the moments when magic happens in some of your favorite Disney and Pixar animated movies and brings them to life in animated floats and fantastic costumes.

The costumes for Disneyland’s next daytime parade “Magic Happens” will bring an entirely new look for many of your favorite characters. There’s also a lot of new technology in use behind the creation of the costumes for the parade.

Here’s a quick tour of the process from Disney’s creative costuming team:

We love how they get the little details right. Like did you see that the costume for Princess Aurora shimmers between hues of pink and blue. The costumes for the “Coco” section are so bright and colorful. We can’t wait to see it them dancing down Main Street U.S.A.

Some of these costumes you wouldn’t be shocked to see on a modern fashion runway, even with Disney’s unique imprint on them.

For a little more info on what it takes to put together a parade like Magic Happens, watch this interview with Senior Art Director for Disney Parks Live Entertainment at Disneyland. He’s worked on a lot of shows for Disney parks, but his most recent one is “Magic Happens” and there’s some great behind the scenes footage.

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