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Disney Domination: Disney Set to “Wow” Box Office This Summer

We are not surprised that Disney films regularly dominate the box office, though we reach next-level excitement when we consider what is in store this summer.

To kick things off this year, “Avengers: Endgame” has earned $2.19 Billion through the first 11 days, the fastest to that amount ever. The end to Marvel’s Infinity Saga broke numerous records and stole the stage as the biggest worldwide opening in history. Is Disney taking some time off to relish in its success? Certainly not.

Summer 2019 brings with it “Toy Story 4,” “The Lion King” and “Aladdin.” The 1994 animated musical “The Lion King” is the fourth biggest animated movie of all time. The fifth biggest is “Toy Story 3.” Even if live-action The Lion King and Toy Story 4 don’t break records, they are set to do “okay” and “okay” by Disney standards has, to date, been pretty showstopping.

The live-action “The Lion King” employs the most modern special effects accompanied by the vocal-stylings of megastars including Donald Glover and Beyoncé.

Toy Story 4” revisits our original favorite characters from the Toy Story franchise and introduces us to new characters, including Forky. (Parents, get your wallets ready to purchase plastic sporks.)

But first we get to see the live-action adaption of the animated feature “Aladdin.” The remake is allegedly on track for an $80-million-dollar opening on Memorial Day weekend.

Later in the summer Disney is hoping to launch an entirely new franchise with “Artemis Fowl” which is based on the popular young adult novels by Eoin Colfer. The movie has been in development for a long time but it’s currently on the calendar for a August 9 release.

Strap in and get ready for Disney summer fun to infinity and beyond!