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Disney’s Hollywood Studios update part 3 of 3


This week we’ve been checking in on the latest changes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We looked at PizzeRizzo and the expansion of the Muppet Courtyard then we checked in on the progress of construction for Toy Story Land and the Star Wars themed land. Today we’re going to finish our update by tying up a few loose ends.

There’s been a lot of tinkering around the edges at Disney’s Hollywood Studios food options, but my favorite so far is the return of Funnel Cakes at the Oasis Canteen.


During the summer it served boneless chicken wings, but there were never any lines at that location. Funnel Cakes returned and, what do you know, every time I walked by, there were people waiting for one of their favorite theme park treats.


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame bust garden is behind walls and possibly going away completely. They’ve already removed the large Emmy Award statue from the middle of the area. If it’s true, I hope they find a place for the bust of Walt Disney elsewhere in the park.


As we previously announced a special preview of Marvel’s Doctor Strange is coming to One Man’s Dream. It appears there will also be a meet and greet with Stephen Strange himself.

Speaking of One Man’s Dream, the concept art for Toy Story Land indicates that eventually that building will have to go. I haven’t heard when that may happen, but I would be sure to see One Man’s Dream on your next trip.

Finally, I’ve also heard a rumor that Disney’s Hollywood Studios may get some holiday cheer this year in the form of a light show on Hollywood Boulevard. Rather than string lights like they used to do for the Osborne lights, they will instead use digital projectors to simulate the same experience. There was some testing of this idea earlier this year with digital projectors set up on top of each building. I hope they’re able to make it work, otherwise the aprk will be pretty devoid of holiday entertainment for 2016.

3 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Studios update part 3 of 3”

  1. Nothing at Studios will ever replace the fun, beauty and glory of Osborne lights…sometimes the “need” to replace things is not warranted. Sometimes, really good things should be left alone so that we can continue to enjoy it year after year. Would they replace Pirates of the Caribbean or Haunted Mansion just to have something “new?” of course not.

  2. Barbara, there’s a pretty decent reason they’re “replacing” the Osborne Lights.
    Perhaps you’re not a Star Wars fan.

    In any case, your Pirates & Mansion reference is a very, very weak comparison.

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