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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Makeover: Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land progress


Big change is in the air at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as the makeover into whatever the new vision for Walt Disney World’s third gate is shifts into high gear. With the back half of Disney’s Hollywood Studios tucked away behind construction fences, it can be tough to track any progress Disney has made on the two new lands coming to the park without leaving guest areas, but we’ll be trying our best.

Toy Story Land has actually started to go vertical, with a retaining wall going up along the back of the land, it’s a good sign that all the pipes and conduit that goes under ground has been completed. There are still a few buildings standing where the concept art says there will be no buildings, but otherwise it’s good to see vertical construction.


There’s still some debris clearing work to make way for Star Wars Land, but crews have made a lot of progress on demolishing the Streets of America all the away around to where Toy Story Land will be.

Right now there will be two new rides in each land and a bunch of minor attractions. There’s a new rumor that The Muppet Courtyard could be expanded into the former streets of America area with another attraction (I’m thinking play area).

One of the big projects also underway is the addition of a new entrance to the parking lot off of Ocseola Parkway. Part of the project will add new land to the back of the park and eventually extend the land available for guest parking. They’ve recently started to clear the dirt in that area.


Finally, it looks like they’re planning to build a cast member parking lot across World Drive from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But that’s long term, right now that area is being used as a staging area for construction vehicles and a dumping ground for dirt excavated from the new retention ponds they needed to complete the new water runoff plan from the back half of the park.

What we still don’t have are opening dates for either Toy Story Land or the Star Wars themed land. Right now it looks like sometime in 2018 for Toy story Land and 2019 or 2020 for Star Wars.

That’s it for this construction update. Let us know in the comments what you’re most excited about!

9 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Studios Makeover: Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land progress”

  1. George del Castillo

    I don’t like seeing more patriotism for our country being put aside. Walt Disney would not allow Streets of America to be removed. I will especially miss the Independence Hall looking City Hall. I am also saddened to see many old classic themes and features being replaced by Marvel comics.

    1. 1) There was nothing “patriotic” about the Streets of America. It was designed to be a movie set — façades with nothing behind them. Tearing down a bunch of fake buildings is no more unpatriotic than eating a cake decorated to look like a flag.

      2) Walt ALWAYS wanted his parks to change and grow. He himself tore out and rebuilt parts of Disneyland from almost the very beginning of the park’s existence.

      3) How are movie façades “old classic themes”?

      4) There’s no Marvel going in at DHS. Disney is contractually prohibited from using most of the Marvel characters in its theme parks in Florida.

  2. Hi George, I couldn’t disagree with your statement more. Disney himself stated that the parks will never be fully finished, that means changes and updates from time to time. Hollywood Studios has needed a face lift for quite some time. These changes are good. Additionally, I don’t see the Streets of America area being changed as a slight to patriotism at all. Please explain how you see this change as “patriotism being put aside.” I will remind you that we still have Liberty Square and Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom which has functioning shops and eateries and attractions where the Streets of America were mere facades. Also the Florida parks are not able to create any Marvel attractions due to contractual agreements with the Universal parks. However, on the west coast at DisneyLAND they WILL be changing that version of The Tower of Terror to a Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy story. The Tower of Terror in the Florida park will remain the same. Frankly, of the two Tower of Terror rides, the Florida version is the better of the two. George, are you confused as to which Tower of Terror is changing? I hope this helps you feel less disappointment and anger as the parks position themselves to remain successful for the next century. I personally can’t wait for the changes to be completed so I can visit the parks with my friends and family.

  3. I Would totally like to see Disney considering to do some minor, but new additions to Hollywood Studios like attractions based on Indiana Jones, GF, SVTFOE, and BH6(but I doubt that’ll happen, but thank god they’ll never feature an attraction based off the worst Disney show, Pickle and Peanut(looks cheesy and unfunny)at any park). Nice update by the way!

  4. We go next October 2017 and was definitely hoping for more to be done by then, I’m wondering if it’s worth going for a whole day with so much under construction!?

    1. Why worry about spending a whole day in any park? Parkhoppers are your friend. Go to a park in the morning (with FastPasses already reserved). If you’re done at 2:00 p.m., then go to a different park. I don’t think we’ve spent a full day (open to close) at DHS in more than 15 years. We’ll go for half a day, do the stuff we want to do, then head to Epcot. On another day, we might go back to DHS for a meal (excellent restaurants there) and ride one or two things, then off to a different park.

  5. I cant believe tjat they are changing tower of terror and the aerosmith rides i love them. They should have never have taken away the gteat movie ride what nexted..

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