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Disney community reacts to Orlando Nightclub Shooting


It’s the biggest mass shooting in America and it happened in Orlando where many Walt Disney World cast members work and live. So it was good to that see Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company, released a statement regarding the attack:

We are all heartbroken by the tragic and horrific events in Orlando, and offer our thoughts, prayers and support to everyone in our community affected by this senseless act.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts employees more than 74,000 cast members in the Central Florida region.

We know from other reports that the Pulse Nightclub was a popular hangout for many Disney cast members along with other theme park employees. We fervently hope that all who may have been in attendance last night escaped without injury.

Update: we’re sad to report that we’re hearing about theme park workers who were killed in the attack. Universal Orlando Resort lost at least two cast members. They are being remembered today by the resort and their co-workers. Additionally, we are working to confirm reports of at least three Walt Disney World cast members who were killed or are still missing. (added 6/13/2016 at 2:20pm ET)

Update: We also note that Disney park’s social media accounts and blog have been silent since they posted the message from Disney CEO Bob Iger on Sunday. We have no confirmation, but suspect it’s out of respect for the cast who are obviously mourning their lost family and co-workers.

You may have seen the following image going around social media today.


It’s a collage of photos of various Orlando area theme park performers making the heart sign with their hands to show their solidarity with the community.

Artist Karen Hallion:

Disney Blogger Nicole:

The Orlando Eye is lit up in support of the victims:

6 thoughts on “Disney community reacts to Orlando Nightclub Shooting”

  1. Disney’s response to this tragic event has been comforting and demonstrates its caring attitude for all mankind. “It’s a small world after all”. The worlds hearts are deeply sadden.

  2. My family members have spent many happy hours at Disney World. They could just as easily have been the targets of Omar Mateen. It is time for business leaders of Florida, and across the country, to challenge our insane gun laws and at least try to make Florida a safer place for everyone. It should not be possible to buy and use assault weapons that can mow down a hundred people in a few minutes.

    1. To clarify, so we’re are upset at the correct things, there are metal detectors at theme parks, but not Disney Springs. He did not have automatic weapons. He had semi automatic weapons. One pull of the trigger = one bullet. Magazines carry limited rounds and have to be reloaded. It took him a while to shoot 100 people.

  3. Until…and unless…we as a society…a world society..come together and realize that we are all people who deserve respect and love…no mater who we are, who we worship, what we believe or where we live…this will keep happening again and again.
    For those who have not heard…this maniac’s wife said they “scoped” out Walt Disney World before this massacre. What horror wold have happened if he got in there? There are no metal detectors and yes, there is a way he could have. Main Street wold be a blood bath.
    Also…we need more gun control…we arethe worst nation in the world when it comes to that. He bought the guns legally, but there was no reason for him to have so many rounds of ammo. Please don’t give me 2nd amendment rights. Our Founding Fathers were talking muskets..not high-power weapons meant for military only.

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  5. I’m heartened to see Disney responding to this tragedy with proper form and compassion. It’s impossible for any mega-corporation to escape scrutiny and certainly Disney has endured it’s share criticism over the years. Past mistakes notwithstanding, Disney seems to understand that it’s very fabric is made of individuals like you and me. We could use more big companies like them. I’m a long-time fan of their parks and films, but at times like these, I’m proud of their corporate leadership too.

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