What’s next for Disney’s Hollywood Studios


What’s next for Disney’s Hollywood Studios? That’s a question that’s getting asked a lot these days. The local paper has pitched the idea of it being a park in transition. Which is true, but the question is, transitioning to what?

While certain areas have closed down and memories of previous attractions erased (like the facade above making it seem like the tram tour was never even there). No big plans have been announced yet.

We’ve been told the Sorcerer’s hat is going away. We now know that the Great Movie Ride will be getting a small makeover thanks to sponsorship from TCM. We’ve also been told that 2015 is when we’ll learn about where Disney will be adding more Star Wars to its parks (DHS being the most likely candidate in Florida). Of course, the rumors of something more are growing louder all the time.

I’m hearing that the announcement might come as soon as January, but the even money is on an announcement at Star Wars Weekends (the dates for which were just announced) or in April at the Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim.

As for what might be coming down the pike, I do have an article with some speculation from a few weeks ago. Some of my sources are telling me that the re-make of DHS won’t be as extensive as some are hoping (myself included). The reason? The park isn’t in as big of trouble attendance and spending-wise as we thought it was. Sure, it needs an improved attraction mix, more capacity, and an E-ticket or two. But it is still holding up its own as one day in the average family vacation and in guest surveys. So does it need a complete makeover like DCA received? Probably not.

That said, it’s important to keep moving forward as a brand. If your offerings grow stale and the guys down the street have the latest and greatest, people might make a decision to visit somewhere else for a while.

Do you think Disney needs to go big with the Disney’s Hollywood Studios makevoer or will a few new attractions do the job?

7 thoughts on “What’s next for Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. Definitely needs updating and of course, more Star Wars attractions. Would like to see the whole park more tailored to the present day Hollywood while still honoring the classics.

  2. I’m totally on board with any enhancement to the park that is Star Wars related. I believe that HS needs to include a complete “Pixar” land that includes the Incredibles, Brave, Monsters Inc, UP and many others (eg. Move the laugh floor from MK to HS. I think HS needs to do something more to the park to meet or exceed comparable theme parks.

  3. DHS is still My favorite park. But with this attractions close and Mickey’s hat removal they need to do something to surprise visitors fast

  4. I think they need to do a lot of work on this park. Honey I shrunk the kids should have been gone years ago. Most kids don’t know who Indiana Jones is, I saw this same show 20 years ago! They could easily replace this with something else. They need to add more rides that are related to more of the current movies. There are talks about wreck it ralf 2 why not make sometype of roller coaster adventure with that? Even though I like beauty and the beast. Frozen, tangled, or princess and the frog all have great sound tracks that would be great for the stage. The adventures of the little mermaid is good but again it’s 20 years old. Big hero 6 was a great movie. There are so many places to convert old rides into some type of interactive ride like the toy story ride that relates to movies like big hero 6 or wreck it ralf. It could also use a few more character meal options like Pixar characters. To keep the Hollywood theme they need to have a character meal or a section of the park that has old characters that don’t make appearances anymore. Bottom line is disney needs to look at dhs as a blank canvis and come off the check book and make it a park that is up to disney fan expectations.

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