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Hulu updates deal with Disney Co.

The good news is that Disney shows will continue to be available on Hulu for your viewing pleasure. The bad news is that you’ll have to endure more commercials with them. The details of the deal are murky, but expect … Continue reading

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The debate over Free Wifi in the parks

Posted this over on Facebook and it’s elicited some interesting comments: There’s a debate going on about whether theme parks should offer free WiFi in the parks. If you had free WiFi would you use it augment your experience (such … Continue reading

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Haunted Mansion – Behind the Scenes of new Hitch Hiking Ghosts

It goes without saying that Walt Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” is a classic attraction known around the world. So when the folks at Walt Disney Imagineering decides to tinker with its formula, a lot of people get worried. I think WDI … Continue reading

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Did Apple use Pixar’s The Incredibles to test market The iPad

We know that Apple provided Pixar designers the opportunity to meet with their head product design team while coming up with the concept for the robot ‘Eve’ from Wall-E, but was the collaboration between the two companies before that? /Film … Continue reading

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Walt Disney Studios announces 15 new 3D Blu-Ray Movies for 2011

Whether or not you think Home 3D TV is here to stay, count Disney in the sticking around category. The Walt Disney Company is setting expectations for 2011 Blu-ray 3D releases high with at least 15 titles planned for release. … Continue reading

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