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The debate over Free Wifi in the parks

Posted this over on Facebook and it’s elicited some interesting comments:

There’s a debate going on about whether theme parks should offer free WiFi in the parks. If you had free WiFi would you use it augment your experience (such as looking up trivia, learning more about an animal, finding out which ride has the shorted queue) or would it just be a distraction? How would you use free WiFi if it were available?

Why not head on over to The Disney Blog’s facebook page and let us know your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “The debate over Free Wifi in the parks”

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  2. I’d use to check line tracking applications, use social networking, and maybe as a distraction in exceptionally long lines. Wifi isn’t necessary for these, of course, but I tend to experience a lot of cell phone internet fail in the parks, particularly the Magic Kingdom.

  3. If there was free wifi in the park I would use it. Although, I do not think wifi in the park is a good idea. A theme park is an escape/experience. With all the connectivity we have today with our smart phones, the park may not be enjoyed as much if we are checking email from the office or having to deal with texting or IM drama from our friends.

  4. A lot of people commented on the Facebook post that they would primarily use free wifi in the parks to check their social networks. Many people even explicitly said they would use it to “share” their Disney experience it with others. One poster put it best when they called it free advertising for Disney.

    Once again, proving that Disney needs to embrace social media even more. If they had free wifi, park guests would post more pictures, status updates and tweets than you could ever imagine.

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