Major Disney Milestone Coming Up

A friend recently pointed out to me that there’s an interesting milestone coming up for the Walt Disney Company. On February 14th of this year, the Walt Disney Company will have operated longer without Walt Disney than it did with him (the company having been founded on 10/16/1923 and with Walt passing away on 12/15/1966).

Kinda hard to imagine. Even though Walt had been dead for three years when I was born, I feel like I grew up with him as he was there every Sunday night on repeats of the Wonderful World of Color or Disneyland TV show. Plus there were the yearly treks to Disneyland and my own research into the company’s history.

I don’t think Walt would recognize much of the company as it exists today. But I do feel that he would have been very excited to play with the new technology and, probably, would have out googled Google. Plus imagine what he would have done with Avatar type 3D motion capture technology. He was a sometimes user of rotoscoping, an predecessor to mocap, in his animated films.

What grade would you give the management of The Walt Disney Company for how they handled the last 43 years? What would you like to see happen in the next 43?