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Hulu updates deal with Disney Co.

The good news is that Disney shows will continue to be available on Hulu for your viewing pleasure. The bad news is that you’ll have to endure more commercials with them. The details of the deal are murky, but expect your usual 6 to 8 commercials to nearly double. All this is part of a ‘monetization’ plan that will help Hulu begin to earn money for the studios.

I don’t know about you, but I usually forget that Hulu is there when I miss a show on TV. I don’t think it will really take off until it’s much better integrated into the living room of the average household.

Do you watch TV anywhere other than on the TV? If so is Hulu part of that strategy?

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8 thoughts on “Hulu updates deal with Disney Co.”

  1. I watch my “TV” shows almost exclusively on HULA. The commercials are bothersome but I can pause and then do other things while they play muich like the commercials on the real TV, but with the pause. I know that is not what advertisers want to hear.

  2. I also pretty much only watch TV on Hulu. I’m so busy I don’t have time to watch it at a regular time, and I don’t have a DVR. Most of my friends do the same (we’re in our early 20s). Don’t discount the value of Hulu – it’s hugely successful!

  3. I love Hulu and I subscribe to Hulu Plus for $7/mo but I just cancelled. The reason? Because many shows available on Hulu on your computer are blocked from being broadcast on a PS3 or Roku Hulu box. It’s ridiculous that these studios feel getting content on your TV is hurting them because when I cant watch a show on Hulu then I simply dont watch it at all.

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  5. At home, I use DVR and just skip the commercials. When I feel like watching marathonning something, I go to Netflix. However, when I’m without DVR, Hulu is my first option (I check my e-mail during commercials usually). That said, if Hulu doesn’t have a show or is being finicky for some reason, there are always other sources to find my shows. I at least try to use Hulu as the “official” source.

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  7. I also watch a lot of TV on Hulu. Have been subscribing to Hulu+ but am disappointed as well in the number that are blocked on the iPad so it defeats the purpose.

  8. I watch a majority of my shows on hulu, when I’m at college. I just get too busy in the evenings, so being able to watch shows when I want to or when I need a quick study break is great for me.

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