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Brave Trailer

Update: Here’s the official Brave trailer from Pixar.

Update: Sadly, Disney has asked youtube to remove the trailer. I’ll keep you posted when the trailer hits the internet for real.

The quality on this is crappy (it was filmed of the screen in a theater somewhere), but even so, ‘Brave’ looks amazing.

Not sure how long this will stay up.

Interesting that Disney has gone from ‘Brother Bear’ to ‘Bear and the Bow’…

6 thoughts on “Brave Trailer”

  1. HA! I have to laugh at myself for following your link thinking about was about Disney’s “Brave Tailor”! I will shut off my computer and go outside now. — Ted

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  3. and by next summer maybe my toddler will be old enough to sit still in the theater – why take him or her to the theater at all? (by the way: sound levels at movie theaters can damage the ears of very young children, who hear ten times as good as adults)

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