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Small World Topiaries receive TLC

The topiaries that surround the exterior of Disneyland’s classic and much loved attraction “it’s a small world” have been impressing guests since 1966. But what behind the scenes magic is involved in putting on this show? This video with Topiary Engineer Craig Minasian reveals a lot of the secrets along with some tips for getting started with your own topiary at home.

Some facts about Disneyland’s topiary include:

  • There are 15 topiaries at “it’s a small world” and a total of 26 around the Disneyland Resort.
  • By 1963, there were 24 Topiary inside Disneyland. They included a waltzing hippo, a poodle, a pig, bears, elephants, seals, and giraffes. In 1966, they were permanently relocated to “it’s a small world.”
  • Walt Disney was partially inspired to have Topiary in his parks by his visits to Trivoli Gardens.

When Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 it too had a collection of Topiary. They were located in a garden just outside the gates of the theme park, about where the Disney bus station is now. Sadly a few months ago the last topiary from that collection, an elephant, was removed.

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