• Disney Fantasy Stern Character Revealed
    Disney Fantasy Stern Character Revealed

    The Disney Cruise Line has a very cute and popular tradition of adorning the stern of each ship with a different character, usually doing something whimsical. The Disney Magic has Goofy cleaning the ship, The Disney Wonder has Donald being ‘helped’ by his nephews, and Sorcerer Mickey is making brooms…

  • A Look at the Current Standing of Disney on Broadway
    A Look at the Current Standing of Disney on Broadway

    John recently posted about the announcement of the Walt Disney Company’s second quarter profits. At the end of the post, he asked where readers would like to see the company go in the future. I started writing a comment, but it was rapidly turning into a book. To answer the…

  • Magic Kingdom 1979 Home Video
    Magic Kingdom 1979 Home Video

    This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom. I thought I’d spend a little time surfing through vintage home video of the park to celebrate. Lots of great stuff out there, but I’m sharing this one today because of a unique coincidence. You see the park has just…

  • Did Disney Save Broadway
    Did Disney Save Broadway

    Since Beauty and the Beast debuted on Broadway there has been a lot of debate about what exactly Disney is bringing to the Theatre. Your opinion is your own on the matter, but there can be no doubt that Disney has been successful in bringing new fans to the great…

  • Dumbo heading to Broadway?
    Dumbo heading to Broadway?

    Of all the Disney Animated classics, Dumbo has the most ‘Song of the South’ moments. The crows and a drunk elephant are not what I would call ‘classic Disney’. And yet, they do make for two of the most powerful moments of the film. The most powerful, of course, is…

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