Dumbo Interactive Queue Preview from Storybook Circus

Yesterday I shared some of the changes to the exterior of the new twin-spinner Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction in Storybook Circus, today I’m excited to be sharing some photos of the interior of that attractions. Wait, you say. Why would a spinner have an interior? It’s all part of Imagineering’s plan to make waiting for the ride less painful.

Back when WDI first started talking about the new Dumbo queue they said rather than lining up in a switchbacks, it would be a place where kids could move freely and interact with various elements in the building. Parents would be able to wait comfortably while watching their kids run around. One’s place in line would be held virtually and an announcement would indicate when your boarding group was ready to head to the loading zone.

Looking at these pictures shared by Disney, that vision looks essentially intact. Perhaps it’s a bit more playground / obstacle course than I envisioned.

Also, Disney says that instead of an announcement to tell you when to grab your kid and head to a loading zone, some sort of paging device will be used. Disney has tested out, in theory, how this system will work during some experiments over at Rock-n-Roller Coaster. According to sources, results were mixed. So we’ll keep a close eye on how this is working out once it opens to guests.

Update: Video of the queue ‘in use’ by kids and some background on the project from an Imagineer.

I have a feeling we’ll be there frequently as this sort of play area is something kids like my son will enjoy tremendously. What do you think? Is this an improvement to the Dumbo experience?

4 thoughts on “Dumbo Interactive Queue Preview from Storybook Circus”

  1. Walt Disney created Disneyland as an activity for the entire family to do together after observing families at amusement parks where parents would be left to sit and look on as their children played. It’s funny that the company has now come full circle by allowing this very dilemma to transpire in their own Magic Kingdom with the creation of this new queue.

    1. Based on the original attraction mix at Disneyland, which contained a carousel and mini-autopia, for instance, I don’t think Walt wanted to design a park that every ride was a shared experience, but rather he wanted a balance. On that principle, I believe play areas like this are fine, particularly in the queue or post show area.

  2. I have to agree with Wedway, the fact that Disney has come full circle and now has a play area for kids inside of the park surprises me. When Disney first announced the interactive queue where you are entertained by characters and have a fun interactive experience this is not at all what I envisioned.

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