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“Cars 2″ Star Added to Stunt Show

Photo courtesy Flickr user IceNineJon via CC-License Last week, Disney’s Hollywood Studios welcomed the very first public run of a new segment in the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.¬†Featuring the popular character Lightning McQueen, this segment is just about … Continue reading

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John Lasseter on BBC talks about Making Animated Films and Toy Story 4 Rumors

There’s a 2 minute video over on the BBC website with John Lasseter, director of Pixar’s Cars 2 and studio animation chief, talking about the process of making an animated film. Nothing new there really, but interesting how he compares … Continue reading

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Disney’s Animated Films Place 4th at the Box Office

Ok, that headline is a bit misleading, Cars 2 actually placed 5th and Winnie the Pooh placed 6th. But if you add them up they would come in 4th place in a weekend where Harry Potter sucked up almost all … Continue reading

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Cars 2 ventures to British Grand Prix for F1 Race

Last week we covered the Cars 2 appearance at the NASCAR race at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA right in Pixar’s backyard. This week the boys from Pixar will travel across the pond to promote Cars 2 at the Formula … Continue reading

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Cars 2 springs a leak at the Box Office

According to Box Office Mojo Cars 2 continued being a decent draw during the week with totals in the respectable range: Monday: $6,958,490 Tuesday: $7,089,413 Wednesday: $5,540,193 Thursday: $5,207,012 The real question is what would happen when faced by the … Continue reading

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