Ok, that headline is a bit misleading, Cars 2 actually placed 5th and Winnie the Pooh placed 6th. But if you add them up they would come in 4th place in a weekend where Harry Potter sucked up almost all the theater admissions with his magical spell. Still, I am at a loss to see how Disney, with two feature animation studios, can’t figure out the release schedule so as not to overlap their own movies, let alone the 800 lb. gorilla with the wand.

Cars 2 managed to bring in an estimated $8.3 million and Winnie The Pooh is taking a meager $8.0 million. Original estimates were for a $10-11 million weekend for the stuffed one. While I’m not ready to give up on Pooh Bear, he and his 100 acre wood palls are going to have a tough time escaping from the force of Harry Potter.

Still the bigger offense to me is running Winnie The Pooh in the shadow of Cars 2. That gives Disney’s very talented crew of animation artists little chance of success to shine on their own. It’s almost as if someone in Burbank has it in for Walt Disney Animation Studios.