Happy Birthday Disneyland

Disneyland turns 56 today. Although I have not visited in far too long, it remains my favorite park. It is the only park Walt Disney ever walked in and because of that, has a special kind of magic you can’t find at any other Disney park around the world.

Rather than use the traditional video of Walt’s dedication speech, I want to share this one. Using typography, it really focuses one’s attention on the words and imbues them with more meaning:

Even if you can’t be at the park, you can celebrate Disneylands birthday by sharing in the comments what Disneyland means to you?

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Disneyland”

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  6. Happy Birthday Disneyland!! I love you!
    Thank you for posting the video of Walt’s speech. I shared it on my facebook page.

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  8. Every since I can remember, Disneyland has been part of my life. I remember my grandfather taking me to Disneyland when I was only 4 years old back for Christmas of 1966. My cousin, grandfather, and I rode on the Matterhorn and I can remember that it was a sort of misty rainy day and as I looked out from the ride high above Disneyland I felt very safe and happy. Of course my grandfather is deceased now, but everytime I go to Disneyland, I still get the same safe and happy feeling. Thank you Walt Disney and thanks Disneyland for continuing to inspire my life.

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