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SeaWorld’s User-Generated Content Coaster Campaign

When it comes to theme parks, I usually don’t stray too far from either Anaheim or Orlando, but this is too cool a project to pass without mentioning. SeaWorld already has a contest where you can submit your photos of the park and be entered to win free park tickets. That’s for the whole SeaWorld… Read More »SeaWorld’s User-Generated Content Coaster Campaign

Joe Ranft: Reactions continue

Reactions continue to role in and searches for "Joe Ranft" has risen to number 5 on the Technorati most popular search list. But still there is almost no mention of Ranft, his accomplishments, his career, and his affect on the Animation Industry in the larger media outlets. Chat at Pixar Animation Blog says exactly what… Read More »Joe Ranft: Reactions continue

Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

Disney is about to release a new Animated Film, but it’s not from Walt Disney Feature Animation, in fact it’s not from the Walt Disney Company at all. Valiant was created by Vanguard Studios and was bought for distribution by Disney. Motley Fool thinks Disney’s strategy is a little murky with this one. I have… Read More »Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed

Hong Kong Disneyland (new website!) is nearing completion. Training for employees is well underway (500 have already worked at Walt Disney World and will pass that experience along), most of the tiny details that make Disney theme parks so special have been installed, and I must say the park looks great.’s "Tales from the… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed

Bats Day – August 27th at Disneyland

Bats Day is an annual event that draws like minded folk (visit the website you’ll see what I mean) from around the world to share in some particularly dark and gothic aspects of Disneyland. This year it’s grown so big it’s actually a weekend (August 27th and 28th). They’ve also expanded their ‘black market‘ show… Read More »Bats Day – August 27th at Disneyland

Everybody Needs 2 Draw Mickey Once

Everybody Needs 2 Draw Mickey Once is a repository of Mickey Mouse’s varied and many personalities as drawn by his fans (and some of his anti-fans too!). Although some of the pictures are a little adventuresome, see Sickey, I recommend you go check it out, then submit your Mickey Mouse drawing to the collection. One… Read More »Everybody Needs 2 Draw Mickey Once

Club 33 Scrapbook for Tinker Bell

Part of what makes such an amazing internet community is the talent of its membership. Combine that with a bunch of disney oriented fun loving folk and you have a formula for some unique meets. Take the recent opportunity readers of the website had to go inside Disneyland’s famous and exclusive dining establishment –… Read More »Club 33 Scrapbook for Tinker Bell