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Club 33 Scrapbook for Tinker Bell

Part of what makes such an amazing internet community is the talent of its membership. Combine that with a bunch of disney oriented fun loving folk and you have a formula for some unique meets. Take the recent opportunity readers of the website had to go inside Disneyland’s famous and exclusive dining establishment – Club 33.

To make the day even more memorable Margaret Kerry, the figure model for Tinker Bell, was in attendance. She was gracious enough to give a little speach and pose to have her photo taken with all. As thanks two attendees took photos of the event and scrapbooked them as a gift for Kerry.

In addition to the marvelous photos of Kerry in the scrapbook there are plenty of photos taken in and around Club 33. A real spotlight on the club if you’ve never been there.

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12 thoughts on “Club 33 Scrapbook for Tinker Bell”

  1. i just starting to like tinkerbell. i just recently purchased a tote bag, a purse, and a keychain from claire’s boutique, and i have a set of pajamas and slippers from avon. i also received a tinkerbell charm for my birthday. if u kow where i can find cute tinky stuff, email me at [email protected]

  2. I have been collecting Tinker Bell items for the last 15-20 years. I have a curio packed full of snowglobes, bells, figurines and such. I like the Tinker Bell of a few years ago, she is cute, not homely like some of them done in the beginning. I don’t like the Tinker Bell that has no nose that is appearing on stuff lately. Just my opinion mind you, not meant to offend anyone. She has been fun to track down in antique stores.

  3. chantelle and sacha from the wonderful city or London

    if you really like tink then you would have to b uz. coz we go to the disney store 3 times a week and have bought everything and nething with tink on it. dnt try and b us u tink wannabe’s

  4. if you liked tinkerbell for 15 – 20 years then you would like every kind of tink you wannab me.
    and you mizz [email protected], it is a biit obviouse that the place to get tink is like the DISNEY STORE get a life. stop trying to act like you have to like tink coz it is cool. if you really liked tinkerbell then you would no know that you get tinkerbll from the disney store as it is disney you fool.
    rock on tinkerbell
    i love tink the most

  5. well i just started liking tinkerbell but that doesn’t mean that i’m not her #1 fan cuz when i went to disneyworld last year i just started liking her so from then on i have made almost all of my school projects tinkerbell. when i had to make a poetry book i made EVERY poem of tinkerbell. whenever i see something tinkerbell i buy it because she is the best!!!!!

  6. and in my town or anywhere in the nearest city to my home town we dont have a disney store but i know that claire’s botique has like LOTS of tinkerbell and my locker at school has the whole door inside FULL like literally FULL of tinkerbell pictures

  7. monique tinkerbell aiken

    hey tink i am your biggest fan in the world because i have everything of you
    like:a duner,pencilcase, you kind of get the point.
    i have one queshen to say to you
    will i ever get to see you again?
    i saw you in disney land i saw you fly across the carsel so will ever in my life see you again
    love from monique tinkerbell aiken

  8. I’m must be Tink’s #1 fan,Im redoing my whole room,again and I bought a Tink-like canopy,it’s lime green,I have my lime-green comforter,my tinkerbell stickers for my wall and EVERYTHING. I spent so much $$ on Tink-things!!

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