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Disney requiring finger scanning for admission

One of the most frequent email questions I get is in regards to the finger scanning system that is now required for admission into the Walt Disney World properties. Tripp asked: Do you have any additional info on the story on – – about Disney requiring the finger printing/scanning of ALL guests? I’ve… Read More »Disney requiring finger scanning for admission to close August 7th

Roy Disney has announced that, the website from which he led his charge to oust Eisner, will be shuttered as of August 7th. That’s a shame because there is plenty good reporting there. Many articles express the hopes and dreams of so many cast members, artists, fans, and scholars for the Walt Disney Company’s… Read More » to close August 7th

Equal Opportunity Offender

Tom Neely is what my wife likes to call and Equal Opportunity Offender. If you have a favorite classic cartoon character chances are Neely has lampooned it in his art. His site requires flash, to protect his art probably, but its worth a visit. While I’m on the subject of great art and animation let… Read More »Equal Opportunity Offender

News Roundup

Don’t have much time to post recently, if you haven’t noticed. But I’m working on it. If you happened to visit the new OrlandoSentinel website this morning you would have seen these three stories in the news. The Weinstein Brothers are emptying the storage closet ahead of their departure from the Disney fold. A few… Read More »News Roundup

I get email!

Disney World has been taken over by the red shirts this last week. No, it’s not some Trekkie convention of sacrificed ensigns, nor is it a star wars fest (although those overlapped some). It is the 2005 Gay Days event; an annual event that brings 130,000-150,000 fine and well funded gay and lesbian tourists to… Read More »I get email!


I’ve never been to any of the Disney World resorts on Earth Day, but at Disneyland they hand out Jiminy Cricket Environmentality buttons to guests. However, that’s the least Disney does to be earth aware all year long. Check out the DisneyHAND portion of the corporate website for more. One of the excellent projects supported… Read More »Earthday….


CNN picks up the story of Jim Hill’s booting from Disneyland as a result of his rogue tours. More bad publicity for Disney. (Update: btw, just thought I’d point out that Jim Hill is technically not a blogger but is in fact online magazine. CNN calling Jim a blogger has erked some people.) Meanwhile Jim… Read More »Roundup

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Blurred…

If you follow reality tv there is one website where you can find all the latest news — Reality Blurred. The have a short, but nice, section on ABC’s Reality Show – Extreme Makeover: Home edition. With the success Disney has had with EM:HE you have to wonder what other reality based shows are in… Read More »Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Blurred…