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This day in Disney History

This Day in Disney History. A great resource for all sorts of interesting Disney facts. Here are a few examples for today. There’s more on the website.1924:Disney’s Alice Comedy Alice’s Spooky Adventure, starring Virginia Davis, is released.1976:Treasure Island reopens at Walt Disney World as Discovery Island, after being closed since the beginning of the year… Read More »This day in Disney History


If you’re over thirty and a fan of Disneyland then you probably remember the classic Tomorrowland attraction Adventure Thru Inner Space (ATIS). If your parents were fans of the attraction there is a chance that you were even concieved there too. The dark spaces were favorite make-out spots in the days before infrared cameras. Yesterland… Read More »ATIS CGI Ride-Thru DVD

China’s Splendor Auctioned Off

A short drive from the gates of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom lay the gates of another era, another culture, the gates to Splendid China. Alas, the wonderously detailed attraction was never able to pull in enough tourist dollars to make a go at it in the competitve Orlando arena, and was forced to close… Read More »China’s Splendor Auctioned Off

This just in: Woody Allen is Funny.

If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and head on over the the New Yorker website. Woody Allen has written a hillarious version of the Ovitz compensation trial. Here’s a quick excerpt: Counsel: Is it true Goofy had a drug problem? Mickey Mouse: He was addicted to Percodan. C: How long had… Read More »This just in: Woody Allen is Funny.

Feature Animation Shakeup?

According to sources familiar with the production, Chicken Little is having problems. Story and creative staff are being pulled off Wilbur Robinson, the studio’s next full length CGI animation project, to help iron out persistent problems with Chicken Little’s storyline. Over at his new website, Chuck O. posts about rumors of a shake up… Read More »Feature Animation Shakeup?

The cult of Tron

Found this link on Jeff Bridges website, GLTron is a video game based on the lightcycle game from the Disney movie ‘Tron’. It’s also released under the GNU General Public License. Link to more Tron games.

Disney World Union Protests in NYC???

Union officials leafleted the opening of Disney’s NYC ‘World of Disney’ store yesterday. “We knew we had to do something to get the company’s attention,” said Juleeann Jerkovich, secretary-treasurer of the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union Local 1625, which is one of six unions that make up the Service Trades Council Union. “It’s… Read More »Disney World Union Protests in NYC???

Tigger’s Goofy Side (more on Tigger Suspension)

“Goofy is clways playful,” said Kaufman, who himself portrays characters at Disney part time and said he has played Goofy “hundreds of times.” “Of course he was goofing around because he was Goofy!” Kaufman said. … “That’s the joke about this,” Kaufman said. “You’re supposed to fool around, be animated. I knew for Michael it… Read More »Tigger’s Goofy Side (more on Tigger Suspension)