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LobbyraytraceIf you’re over thirty and a fan of Disneyland then you probably remember the classic Tomorrowland attraction Adventure Thru Inner Space (ATIS). If your parents were fans of the attraction there is a chance that you were even concieved there too. The dark spaces were favorite make-out spots in the days before infrared cameras. Yesterland has a great write up on the attraction and its significance but is the detination of choice for those with fond memories of the attraction.

The folks at have really outdone themselves this year. They’ve released a computer generated ride through of the original ATIS attraction with audio rebuilt from the ground up by Paul Barrie. Just in time for the holidays too. It’s available on DVD through their website for only $24.99 including shipping. Make the Disneyland fan in your family happy this Christmas with this amazing reconstruction.

Update: Also check out this complete scan of the MONSANTO corporate pamphlet for ATIS.