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wreck it ralph concept art

Wreck-it Ralph: Sugar Rush Featurette

Although Wreck-it Ralph has his home in the ‘classic’ Fix-it Felix Jr. video game, most of the movie takes place in a more modern video game – Sugar Rush. The detail that went into creating this world is pretty impressive, and is the subject of… Read More »Wreck-it Ralph: Sugar Rush Featurette

wreck-it ralph concept art

Wreck-it Ralph Earns Top Score at Box Office, Talk of Sequel

Congratulations to the team at Walt Disney Animation Studios who managed a strong weekend at the box office, despite the impact of Superstorm Sandy on much of the east coast. $49.1 Million is the estimated intake for Wreck-it Ralph’s opening weekend, making it the strongest… Read More »Wreck-it Ralph Earns Top Score at Box Office, Talk of Sequel

Fix-It Felix game

Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph in Theaters Today

Disney Animation has released one more clip from Wreck-It Ralph as the movie is set to debut in theaters everywhere tomorrow. This one features Fix-it Felix Jr as he encounters Sergeant Calhoun for the first time and setting off one of the movie’s sub-plots: Reviewers… Read More »Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph in Theaters Today

Wreck-It Ralph

John’s Review of Wreck-It Ralph, Disney Animation Gets Top Score

Wreck-it Ralph Poster

This year Disney released two animated features (Three if you count Frankenweenie, but we won’t include stop-motion for the purpose of this article). One stars a princess who breaks from tradition and discovers that family is at the core of what’s important, the other features incredible worlds crafted from scratch, ground breaking computer animation, and a story that is full of heart. Normally, you’d say Disney Animation released the Princess film and Pixar the other, but this year the roles are reversed. With Brave, Pixar ventured into what was traditionally Disney’s territory, so it’s only fair that Disney Animation Studios returns the favor.

I’m happy to say that with Wreck-it Ralph, Walt Disney Animation Studios has returned to the top of the animation game, matching, if not surpassing, anything you would expect from its more successful partner up in Emeryville. It does this while remaining true to the core values of Disney animation, which is a focus on great story and characters who you really feel for.

WRECK-IT RALPH Sugar Rush Game Cabine

In Wreck-it Ralph, Disney attempts to do for video games what Pixar’s Toy Story did for toys; Give us insight into the world that goes on when humans aren’t around. In this case the movie starts inside the classic 1982 arcade game Fix-it Felix Jr. The titular character is the game’s bad-guy; always destroying and then being defeated night game after game. After 30 years this begins to weigh on him so much that he visits a support group for video game bad-guys. But what really sets him off is when the other characters have a party celebrating the game’s 30 years of being plugged in and fail to invite him.

Read More »John’s Review of Wreck-It Ralph, Disney Animation Gets Top Score

Wreck-it Ralph – Behind The Scenes Featurette

A short, but fun, featurette for Disney Animation’s Wreck-it Ralph. It features some behind the scenes insight into the movie from the people involved. It also begins to explore some of the relationships that are key to making the film work: One of the most… Read More »Wreck-it Ralph – Behind The Scenes Featurette

Wreck-it Ralph Reviews Spot

Press screenings for Wreck-it Ralph are underway and Disney is already out with that fun stereotypical TV spot where they quote movie reviewers who all go tell you to see the film: Having seen Wreck-it Ralph recently too, I find myself agreeing with every one… Read More »Wreck-it Ralph Reviews Spot

Wreck-It Ralph Poster

Wreck-it Ralph – Clip from Bad-Anon meeting

In Disney Animation’s Wreck-it Ralph, the title character is a video game bad guy who wants to be good. But he’s not the only one who is conflicted about being bad. There’s a whole self-help group called “Bad-Anon” for video game villains. Here’s a preview… Read More »Wreck-it Ralph – Clip from Bad-Anon meeting