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Wreck-it Ralph Earns Top Score at Box Office, Talk of Sequel

wreck-it ralph concept art

Congratulations to the team at Walt Disney Animation Studios who managed a strong weekend at the box office, despite the impact of Superstorm Sandy on much of the east coast. $49.1 Million is the estimated intake for Wreck-it Ralph’s opening weekend, making it the strongest start for any animated film from WDAS. Disney’s Tangled did a respectable $48.8 million which led to a $200 million domestic box office total, Wreck-it Ralph appears to be on the same path. The only thing that might get in the way is James Bond. If Skyfall siphons aware the younger boys, then Wreck-It Ralph could fall faster than Tangled did.

In a recent interview Director Rich Moore revealed that he has already started thinking about a sequel that would provide updated stories to the characters. He also mentioned including online gaming characters and more current video game characters in that possible sequel. No word if Disney given the go ahead for a sequel, but I imagine a strong couple weeks at the box office could make a difference.

Here’s the interview:

Are you excited for a sequel to Wreck-it Ralph?

3 thoughts on “Wreck-it Ralph Earns Top Score at Box Office, Talk of Sequel”

  1. I’ve always respected Walt Disney Animation Studios stance on Sequels. After all these years, they’ve still only had two sequels, Winnie The Pooh being most recent. However, I do hope if this gets a sequel, they won’t start pumping out sequels after every successful film at the mouse. Pixar is starting to take that road, Disney has done fine by focusing on originals.


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