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Six Pixar films currently in production!!!

Pixar is notoriously tight lipped about future projects. But Brad Bird let the number of film currently in production slip in a recent interview. Upcoming Pixar blog puts it all together: Ratatouille – Brad Bird WALL-E – Andrew Stanton Untitled Gary Rydstrom Feature – Gary Rydstrom Untitled Brenda Chapman Feature – Brenda Chapman Untitled Lee… Read More »Six Pixar films currently in production!!!

Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

Disney is about to release a new Animated Film, but it’s not from Walt Disney Feature Animation, in fact it’s not from the Walt Disney Company at all. Valiant was created by Vanguard Studios and was bought for distribution by Disney. Motley Fool thinks Disney’s strategy is a little murky with this one. I have… Read More »Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

SIGGRAPH backwash

Contrary to earlier media speculation that the Disney Company would use this session to announce their return to the pinnacle of leadership in the field of feature animation, Goldberg opened the discussion by saying he and the panel were there to "tell you the real story of Walt Disney Feature Animation—not the story you’ve read… Read More »SIGGRAPH backwash

SIGGRAPH, Disney Mating Grounds

From Cartoon Brew comes two more interesting articles on Disney’s presence at SIGGRAPH L.A. (Next year in Boston!). First up is the long rambling, but oh so informative, trip report of one Bill, CG Student at RIT. I was very interested in what Ian Gooding and Dan Cooper had to say about Art Direction in… Read More »SIGGRAPH, Disney Mating Grounds

Mouse says, “CGI Animators Wanted”

After reports from SIGGRAPH 2005 Jim Hill ponders over the relationship between Disney and Pixar; their booths being set up so close in distance, but in direct competition with each other too. Also noted was the full court press Disney has on for hiring talented CGI Animators (possibly even stealing some away from Pixar). If… Read More »Mouse says, “CGI Animators Wanted”

Suspended Animation

I’ve been hearing rumors that 2-D Hand Drawn Animated Features are not completely dead at the Walt Disney Company. However, don’t get your hopes up. Computer generated animated features is the route the Disney company has chosen to take. And it looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future. To many it feels like… Read More »Suspended Animation

An Animation Rennaissance

Ever since The Lion King broke box office records and won a plethora of awards, pundits have predicted the rebirth of America’s love with animation. Indeed where we had 1 major studio with an animation department (well 1.5 if you include Don Bluth Animation) we… Read More »An Animation Rennaissance

Animation Genesis

More from Cartoon Brew. Walt Disney Feature Animation (WDFA) has shelved its use of hand-drawn animation and laid off many of its artists and people (you know who you are) have been wondering about the future of animation. It was my prediction that myriad smaller… Read More »Animation Genesis