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Disneyland Hotel Workers stage Half-day Walk-out

Sounds like the battle between the Hotel and Restaurant workers of UNITE HERE and the Disneyland resort is heating up. After the company was perceived to increase their workload unreasonably, to the point of possibly injuring some employees, the hotel workers have decided they had… Read More »Disneyland Hotel Workers stage Half-day Walk-out

Union Dispute with Disneyland now putting Guests at Risk

In a ‘choose your own villain adventure’ the dispute between Disneyland and the unionized hotel and restaurant works of UNITE HERE has now stumbled into dangerous territory where the health of guests is at risk. It’s not that they’re operating dangerous equipment or attractions, but… Read More »Union Dispute with Disneyland now putting Guests at Risk

Union Protest at Disneyland today

Hanging out around Disneyland today and wondering what all the police presence was about? Well it was another demonstration from Unite Here, you know the ones who had people dress up as Disney characters and get arrested. Well the struggle is still on going and… Read More »Union Protest at Disneyland today

UNITE HERE Union Encounters Internal Strife

UNITE HERE, whose Locals 681 and 11 cover Disneyland Resort hotel and restaurant workers, is currently undergoing some internal strife that may have led to a defection of 150,000 of its members to a rival union. As we discussed before (here and here are good… Read More »UNITE HERE Union Encounters Internal Strife

Disneyland Workers claim “Disney is Unfaithful”

UNITE HERE local 11 has started a blog to keep track of the many ways they see the Walt Disney Company as being unfaithful to its workers and values. Approximately 2,300 employees of the Disneyland Hotels, including bellmen, dishwashers, room attendants, and cooks, have been… Read More »Disneyland Workers claim “Disney is Unfaithful”