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Union Dispute with Disneyland now putting Guests at Risk

In a ‘choose your own villain adventure’ the dispute between Disneyland and the unionized hotel and restaurant works of UNITE HERE has now stumbled into dangerous territory where the health of guests is at risk. It’s not that they’re operating dangerous equipment or attractions, but without any paid sick days cast members are coming into work sick, sometimes with flu like symptoms, and interacting with food and guests.

There appears to be no easy solution to this matter as neither side has budged in the negotiations in 2 years and 92% of the union members voting to reject Disney’s latest offer. One of the big reasons for that rejection is Disney’s new health plan that could cost these employees 4 to 5 times as much as they’re currently paying. Still, almost every other union Disney negotiates with has entered into that new health contract. So you can see where Disney thinks they got things right.

Having employees who interact with the public forced to come into work sick is not good PR anyway you look at it. Nor is it good national health policy. In fact, there is a bill in congress to mandate paid sick days for workers right now.

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