Space Mountain landing in Magic Kingdom this Sunday

This Sunday marks the official reopening of Space Mountain at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Technically, it’s currently in soft open; which means it might experience some down time. (Heck, it might even experience downtime after Sunday).

While not exactly the major overhaul that many thought Space Mountain deserved, this rehab has brought some fairly significant changes to the attraction. Okay, it’s mostly a fresh coat of paint, some new projections, and some queue enhancements. But hey, it’s open again.

To celebrate I’m calling mini-meet, or Tweetup if you’re reading this from twitter, to experience it together. Let’s get together at 11:00 AM on Sunday in front of Space Mountain by the round planter. We’ll go once through the standby queue and once through fastpass, so come early and pick up your fastpass.

5 thoughts on “Space Mountain landing in Magic Kingdom this Sunday”

  1. But did they do anything to smoothen the ride? It had gotten far too jerky in the last few years. Also, I hope they did something to improve the merch area at the exit. It was just dumpy and sad.

  2. John, I didn’t see any reviews on the new Space Mountain, unless I missed it somewhere. Curious as to what it is like now.



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