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Disneyland Hotel Workers Union Vote Against Contract

The Orange County Register is reporting that 92% of the Unite Here 11 union has voted against the contract proposal that Disney has brought to the table in hope of ending the gridlock. The labor dispute concerns the workers that wash dishes, clean room and wait on tables at the three Disneyland Resort hotels.

The dispute centers on health-care premiums: Disney wants to ease Unite Here workers into Disney Signature, a group of seven plans that require varying degrees of employee contributions. The union wants to keep the status quo where Disney pays into a union trust that provides health care at virtually no cost to the workers — co-pays and prescription drugs are only a few dollars.

This has been an 18-month long dispute that centers on health care and wage increases. The OC Register offers a back log of articles cover the dispute. I do wonder how this will affect local visitors and the local economy.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland Hotel Workers Union Vote Against Contract”

  1. If you are wondering how it affects the local visitor, really, for the most part, we don’t care, the Union is being greedy here.

    Pretty much everywhere else, employees have to pay for their healthcare to some degree or another, for example at my work, mine is free, but I have to pay for any dependents.

    Really, who it affects are people stay at Paradise Pier hotel as the protest generally are occurring in front of it and are noisy, really, considering they are blocking access to the hotel when they are protesting, I think that they could probably get arrested for it, but Disney hasn’t pressed for that to happen yet.

  2. Interesting to say that the Union is being greedy considering the Cast Members at the hotels are paid well beneath the average wages of other hotel workers in the area. Maybe if Disney raised their wages they could afford to pay into a plan. Otherwise this just looks like a backwards way of Disney cutting salary. They’re paid the same but pay into a plan rather then receive their benefits from the union for free? Yeah that’s real greedy on the Union’s part. Maybe they should start being paid $5 an hour as well?

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