Union Protest at Disneyland today

Hanging out around Disneyland today and wondering what all the police presence was about? Well it was another demonstration from Unite Here, you know the ones who had people dress up as Disney characters and get arrested. Well the struggle is still on going and now the union is considering calling for a strike vote.

What would that do? Well it might force Disneyland’s hand to offer better health benefits for the hotel and food service workers. But only if other unions refuse to cross the picket line. Something I don’t think is likely in this economic reality.

My personal feeling is that Disney could be putting more of the parks profits into the pockets of its workers and therefore attract a more stable workforce with out affecting it’s earnings all that much. Wages at the resort are definitely below average when it comes to pay for the average hourly worker in the area and way below the cost of living for Orange County, CA.

2 thoughts on “Union Protest at Disneyland today”

  1. It’s too bad that in the US the poor have to fight so hard to get even the most basic of health coverage. Compassion for the working poor seems an unpopular thing these days.

  2. Does anyone even know firsthand what Disney is offering their employees? Or are we getting all of our information filtered through the Union? I suggest all Unite Here members ask to see Disney’s offers, through information that is not interpreted by the Union. You may be surprised to find that Disney is not the Big Bad Wolf. The Union is not looking out for you, the Union is looking out for the Union. Ask questions.

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