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First Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV Spot

We just shared the international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was exciting for the new footage which new provided clues as to what exactly is going on in the seventh Star Wars film. Now we have a TV spot which has even… Read More »First Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV Spot

MTV Trailer for “Tomorrowland” offers tantalizing new glimpse


A new TV spot for Brad Bird’s “Tomorrowland” debuted at the MTV Movie Awards. It features George Clooney, playing the former boy genius, who embarks on a mission to save Tomorrowland.

There are a few new clips in the trailer. But enough to spoil anything:

The movie drops May 22nd, until then, you’ll have to content yourself with this new official movie website.

Disney also released a new featurette looking into the story and what it means:

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New Tomorrowland TV Spot – The One

Disney has released a new TV trailer for it’s upcoming hit film “Tomorrowland.” Brad Bird brings a mysterious story to the big screen and in this trailer we learn that tomorrow is running out and there’s a race to save it. Will you join in?… Read More »New Tomorrowland TV Spot – The One

Avengers: Age of Ultron Awesome TV Trailer


The previous Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers have been pretty good, but the new trailer, just a TV spot really, is the awesomest. Yeah, I’m geeking out.

Yes, there’s probably been enough footage revealed already, but the cool little moments in this trailer make it extra special. How about when Thor hits Captain America’s shield with his hammer and destroys about a dozen Ultron minions? Yeah, pretty cool.

Below the jump, we have director Joss Whedon talking about some of the casting in The Avengers:

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Pixar’s Inside Out Joins March Madness


It’s March and college basketball fans are looking forward to a fantastic NCAA Tournament. Pixar wants to share that its upcoming animated feature “Inside Out” features it’s own special brand of madness with this new TV Spot:

Definitely an emotional roller coaster there. A lot of fun new glimpses, quite a bit different than what we saw in the last trailer.

Btw, I want to pause and call out the amazing hair in this scene. Seems now that Pixar has figured out how to make a redhead’s hair, they can’t help but show off a bit.


Oh yeah, nothing says high class Pixar humor like shooting milk through the nose too.

Full plot synopsis below:

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New “Alexander” TV Trailer

We’re just about a month and a half away from the premiere of Disney’s “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” and a new TV spot is making its away around the world almost as fast as you can say the film’s… Read More »New “Alexander” TV Trailer